The Master of Applied Practice, Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Practice, and Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice are contemporary and flexible qualifications designed for individuals wishing to pursue and advance their professional careers.  Move up through the programmes at a pace that suits your work and life commitments. This approach ensures each qualification is tailored to your needs and responsive to your changing work environment. There are also opportunities for postgraduate students to customise their study pathways to meet their own career aspirations.

Source: Postgraduate qualifications in Applied Practice | Unitec

I was a student on the above PGC course in 2015.   It has transformed me as a teacher.  Looking back on my teaching career, I can see that  I was meandering along for most of it until I enrolled.   I would recommend that all teachers embark upon a similar  course of study, if they haven't already done so.  If you are fortunate enough to find a forward thinking institution such as The Mindlab  to conduct your studies,  go there. Quickly.   The course has totally re-invigorated my teaching, challenged my assumptions and directed me towards the style of teaching more in tune with 21st century needs.  My only regret is that I did not start sooner.

The various assignments that I had to complete for the final module of the course have been marked #mindlab.  They can also be found under the category 'Mindlab'.