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I’ve never been the kind of teacher who writes blogs.  In fact, I’ve always been more like the kind of teacher who sneers cynically at those who do.  However,  somewhere along the line I realised that blogging isn’t simply the domain of the over-opinionated self-promoter and much to the annoyance of my former self discovered it could be very helpful.  So haere mai – welcome to my blog.  My name is Kelvin Furze and I’ve been teaching English for over twenty years.

Mind you,  don’t assume just because I’ve been on the road a while, that I’ve travelled a great distance. The truth is I’ve spent quite a lot of time poodling along in the slow lane and have even been known to get stuck in reverse.  It was only after embarking on the Mindlap PGC course that I  started to get back on track and begin accelerating again. The course encouraged me to  think deeply about the theories and philosophies that underpin my daily classroom practice and to reflect seriously on fundamental issues such as the way students learn and the way that we assess.  I now recognise that my previous attempts at self-reflection involved a cursory glimpse in the mirror rather than a serious look.  I have now taken the long look and realise that I need to adapt my teaching practice to reflect the 21st century changes that are happening around me.  I need to embrace innovation. I need to rethink my strategies.

This blog exists in order to allow me to reflect on my teaching practice and my attempts to improve it. By sharing my ideas I hope to clarify my thinking and find out if my introspective babblings have any substance.

Mind you, since I am fairly certain no one reads this blog,  I may well be babbling right now.   Nevertheless,  at least I am now a teacher who writes blogs.


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