The Flesh under the PEEL.

Students often receive feedback telling them to ‘develop their ideas’, but they frequently have no idea how to do it.   This series of posters is designed to flesh out PEEL – a popular acronym often used to help young writers support their ideas with evidence and explanation.

This series of posters was created in order to flesh out exactly what each of the terms in PEEL mean.  Hopefully, when a student is able to make a POINT, support it with EVIDENCE and provide EXPLANATION that LINKS to their point, they will be able to produce developed pieces of writing.

These posters support formative assessment practices by allowing students to more clearly see where they are in their learning and better understand the steps that need to be taken in order to improve.

Please feel free to download this resource and use it to inform your learning conversations.  If you can think of anything that can be added to improve the resouce, don’t be shy about letting me know.

Download here:  PEEL Posters

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