Advisories. Awesome or Awful?

Evidence shows that Advisories either work really well or else get hijacked by administrators. They can be empowering experiences for students or  wasted time in the week. I have already had some interesting discussions on Twitter about how to make best use of Advisories in school.  I just wanted to use this space to share Read more about Advisories. Awesome or Awful?[…]

Cultural Responsiveness

I have always followed the principle that it is important to treat all people equally and until recently made no particular effort to draw attention to culture in my classroom. This approach was clearly not culturally ‘responsive’ since it did not ‘respond’ to culture, but rather ignored it.   Sadly, it is clear from the many Read more about Cultural Responsiveness[…]


 A Media for being Social Teaching and learning  is dependent on high quality communication and interaction.  Until recently,  I only really communicated with other teachers through face-to-face discussion at work.   However, I now recognise that interacting in this way is  like using only the red bricks in a set of Lego.  I work with a Read more about LEARNING NETWORKS[…]

The BIG ISSUES in 2016

ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING! WHERE WE ARE … The need to successfully implement formative assessment practices in the classroom was identified as one of the three most pressing issues facing the NZ education system  (Education Review Office, 2012).  What is disappointing is the fact that even though the potential for formative assessment was clearly  identified by Read more about The BIG ISSUES in 2016[…]

My Professional Communities

Child centered education? Who are the stakeholders in my professional community? In what ways do they influence my practice? The two main stakeholders in my professional community are the students in my classes and the teachers I work with. Both communities overlap as the effective teaching of the one depends on my successful collaboration with Read more about My Professional Communities[…]

A critical reflection of my non-critical reflection

My reflective practice What has it looked like until now? My reflective practice has been a bit of a damp squib until now and has been applied in the mechanical and simplistic manner doomed to fail (Finlay, 2008, p2). The only time I reflected on my practice was when I was  ‘required’ to do so  Read more about A critical reflection of my non-critical reflection[…]

What kind of learner am I?

Three things I learned about myself while studying with Mindlab (and they’re not pretty). I HAVE A FIXED MINDSET! During the weekly Mindlab sessions I became aware that I had a tendency to quickly lose interest in topics where I perceive myself as lacking ability. I worked under the assumption that I should focus on Read more about What kind of learner am I?[…]


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