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My Professional Communities

Child centered education? Who are the stakeholders in my professional community? In what ways do they influence my practice? The two main stakeholders in my professional community are the students in my classes and the teachers I work with. Both communities overlap as the effective teaching of the one depends on my successful collaboration with

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What kind of learner am I?

Three things I learned about myself while studying with Mindlab (and they’re not pretty). I HAVE A FIXED MINDSET! During the weekly Mindlab sessions I became aware that I had a tendency to quickly lose interest in topics where I perceive myself as lacking ability. I worked under the assumption that I should focus on

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All About Me

Kia ora I’ve never been the kind of teacher who writes blogs.  In fact, I’ve always been more like the kind of teacher who sneers cynically at those who do.  However,  somewhere along the line I realised that blogging isn’t simply the domain of the over-opinionated self-promoter and much to the annoyance of my former

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